Presidents and Trustees:  
Deciding The Fate of Your Institution

It is important to feel confident in the information that you rely on to make decisions.

Since 2010, the team at Ariste Advisors worked with the administration and trustees at more than 30 Colleges and Universities.

Many schools had similar issues and challenges, but only some took action to create a better outcome.
We firmly believe the probability of creating a better future for your institution will be significantly improved by embracing and achieving the following objectives:
  1. Create and implement a 3-Year Plan to restructure the institution – the operations and the balance sheet.
  2. Exercise good business judgment by working with the administration, faculty and advisors to produce analyses and draw insights into the impact of various decision scenarios.
  3. Use an inclusive process to make decisions and implement the changes.
Ariste Advisors uses small teams and works closely with the school’s staff to be cost efficient and augmentative.  

To find out more, download our report on Restructuring and Consolidation in Postsecondary Education to understand how you can help your institution decide its fate.

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